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The joys of outdoor decking

Outdoor decking isn't just an extension of your home's flooring. It's a place for entertaining or just enjoying the day and the views from your home. The flooring you choose for this space must meet specific requirements, as an outdoor surface, and we can help with that.

No matter what type of deck flooring you're looking for, it should be able to withstand traffic, weather, and all the wear that comes along with an outdoor space. While these floors don't last forever, they can indeed be maintained to take advantage of the most extended lifespan possible. Let's find out more about your decking options.

Deck flooring facts you should know

Natural wood decking materials are highly sought after, come in a wide variety of species, and offer a wealth of appearance options once stained and finished. Some species even offer natural insect and rot repellant for better performance over time. They're also incredibly durable, though they do require yearly maintenance for the best results.

One of the more affordable options for decking is pressure-treated lumber, most often made of chemical-infused pine, to resistant all forms of degradation. It's widely used across the country, especially for its extensive durability. It's also very visually appealing and is easy to put together with nails or screws.

Synthetic decking is a popular choice for these important outdoor spaces. With these materials in place, you won't have to worry about fading, insect infestation, or rotting. You might notice that the overall price is a bit higher than real wood, but that's because the materials never have to be refinished or maintained. For more information on all our outdoor decking options, be sure to visit us when you're in the area and speak with a flooring professional about your project.

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