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Professional flooring installation is important

No matter what type of flooring material you choose for your home, there's no way around a flooring installation. This service brings your chosen floor covering to life in your own space, to function and perform exactly as you need it. But it also has the benefit of assuring your warranty is never voided as well.

If you're planning a flooring upgrade or new purchase soon, you'll need to consider the installation; if you're unsure of your options or what to expect, be sure to read along with us here. We will tell you more about it.

Flooring installation that suits your need

Different flooring requires different installation methods, and some require more time for the installation as well. For instance, hardwood, tile, stone, and carpet need much more time for the process than laminate or luxury vinyl flooring. However, the more extended installation is well worth the results. In laminate and luxury vinyl plank and tile, you'll likely hear three primary installation methods mentioned. These are floating, glue down, and nail down. Each offers a different set of benefits based on your specific flooring needs. Floating floors are created by flooring pieces that fit together by locking into one another. These are often accompanied by an underlayment of some sort to add resilience, comfort, and warmth. As you might expect, glue-down floors feature an adhesive adheres to the new flooring to the subfloor or underlayment to create a more permanent installation. Nail-down floors are nailed to the subfloor and create a more permanent fixture, though a professional team can take them up with ease. The specific installation method for your flooring may vary some, so be sure to speak with a flooring professional when you arrive. We'll make sure you get the best services for your flooring, no matter how large or small the project.



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Doral Hardwood Floor is a flooring store in Miami, FL, that caters to all your flooring needs, including professional installation. Our installation technicians are trained, experienced in all flooring materials, and have all the most modern tools to get your installation completed perfectly and to your complete satisfaction. If you have an installation need, and you’re in the areas of Miami, FL, Doral, FL, Fountainebleau, FL, Westchester, FL, or Hialeah, FL, be sure to visit us and speak with an associate about your project. We'll make sure you get the flooring installation you need and answer any question you may have as well.